Distibution for our products is operated through two main distribution channels.

Locally, distribution is outsourced and performed by a sister company named DPD Trading Ltd, one of the most dynamic foodstuff distribution companies in Cyprus. DPD Trading operates with a modern and well organized distribution network, with modern freezer vans which readily respond to its clients’ requirements 24 hours a day. All of the company’s vans are equipped with advanced technology temperature control systems which alarm the driver and the company’s headquarters in case of malfunction. In this way any risk of delivering products out of specification is eliminated. The distribution vans are stocked either from the main store house or from the regional ones in a way that secures:
• Regular supply any time at any place around Cyprus (Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca, Paphos)
• Immediate response to the client’s requirements
• Increased sales due to best quality treatment.
• Consistent and reliable service, aiming to long term mutually beneficial cooperations
• An increasing client inventory consisting of all the big supermarkets and many other retail outlets, restaurants, hotels, kiosks, etc

At the same time, the exporting department is continually updated in order to efficiently respond to the growing demand for international expansion. During the past years our products have been successfully exported to Europe, the USA and Asia.